Protect What's Important...

Sentinel Wealth Management specializes in managing investments and commission-free insurance products for individuals and small companies. We are NAPFA fiduciaries by definition, and do not accept commissions for any investment or insurance products implemented within a financial plan. Without the conflict of interest posed by product sales, our clients are secure from biased advice given by commissioned advisors.

We believe in the concept of “Exclusivity Through Inclusivity”. We are “inclusive”, in that we maintain a zero-minimum net worth policy, and do not reject those who have few or no assets to invest. We are “exclusive” in that we do not accept just any individual or company searching for fiduciary advice, but rather interview potential clients to identify which are best suited for our mathematics-based fiduciary advising.

Sentinel Wealth Management is located in San Diego, California and offers financial planning and wealth management services. We invite you to read more about us and reach out with your individual financial goals.

Prospecting Client Interview Scheduling

Interviews may be conducted by phone or in-person.

Financial Advice: Transparent & Simple - The Way It Should Be

At Sentinel Wealth Management we believe transparency is paramount in dealing with client investment decisions. Using our integrated software, Senintel clients have access to financial planning & investment technology systems. Our fees are always clearly defined and predetermined, below is our fixed fee schedule:

Financial Planning: Your Best Interests First

Financial planning advice should place a client’s best interests first and be free of any conflicts of interest posed by commissioned financial products. Our financial planning process provides unbiased recommendations that are free of varying levels of commissioned compensation that can influence advice provided by financial advisors.