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At Sentinel Financial Advisors, we understand that managing one’s financial health can be an overwhelming task for anyone. Each individual has a unique set of financial needs and objectives that must be met, and we’re here to help achieve exactly that. We strive to identify objectives and risk tolerances, tailoring each financial plan to a client’s individual concerns.

Working With Sentinel

We strive to address the needs of any client seeking a financial plan. While many planning firms focus on providing only investment, insurance, or brokerage advice, we remain fiduciaries that offer any services that our clients may need.

To provide the most comprehensive financial advice possible, our firm offers investment management services through our registered investment advisory firm, Sentinel Wealth Management LLC, and insurance services through our insurance agency, SFA Financial & Insurance Solutions. While these are separate entities, their unique offerings come together to provide full-service financial plans through Sentinel Financial Advisors.

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  • Flexible scheduling for consultation.

  • Access to unique financial planning strategies made on an individual basis.

  • Access to refined financial tools to mitigate risks and maximize returns.

  • Free SafeMoney kit with information on our services and techniques upon request.

  • Free Social Security Guide (PDF or hard copy versions available).

  • Free Personalized Risk Analysis through Riskalyze®

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