Cash Flow & Asset Analysis

In order to create a comprehensive financial plan, it is critical to understand where you are financially as well as your financial goals. Through our financial planning process, we will work with you to create a current budget to help us analyze where your hard earned money is being spent. Following, we can then create a plan for your future spending and savings, incorporating our financial advice in a way that you feel most comfortable.

When investing with Sentinel Wealth Management, our client platforms harness the latest technology to aggregate external and internal accounts to provide a snapshot of your financial health at any given time. Understanding your financial plan and advice has never been easier thanks to our seamless integrations.

Protect your assets with the correct amount of insurance coverage.

Protect your assets with the correct amount of insurance coverage.

Insurance Planning

Understanding your investments can be confusing, similarly, insurance management can get quite complicated too. Knowing the correct amount of insurance coverage needed to mitigate your loss for any unforeseen circumstance can be difficult. Here at Sentinel Financial Advisors, we are here to help you navigate these topics. When constructing a financial plan, our planning tools will inform you of any significant insurable risks and propose coverage that addresses these risks. Even better, our financial planners are also licensed insurance agents, and can offer insurance products from hundreds of the top carriers. Through the use of our proprietary software, we can calculate the most cost-effective means of obtaining the coverage that you need.


Tax Planning

Tax planning means deferring, or flat out avoiding taxes, by taking advantage of beneficial tax-low provisions, increasing and accelerating tax deductions or tax credits, and generally making maximum use of all applicable breaks available under our the Internal Revenue Code. Tax planning and financial planning are closely linked because taxes are likely to be your single biggest expense over your lifetime. To mitigate the impact of taxes on your finances, there are numerous strategies that can be implemented to increase the after-tax return of your investments. As such, planning to implement tax reductions to reach your financial goals is a critically important piece of the financial planning process.

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Plan ahead, protect your estate.

Plan ahead, protect your estate.

Legacy Planning

Legacy planning is the process of reviewing the assets that will be inherited by your heirs upon your death, and planning them to transfer as efficiently as possible by minimizing probate costs and any potential taxes that may impact the estate.