Sentinel Wealth Management, LLC represents the registered investment advisory firm through which Sentinel Financial Advisors provides its portfolio management and financial advisory services. Through our focus on the latest streamlined investment advisory technology, we are able to provide clients with an exceptional user experience to facilitate their investment management.


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Portfolio Analytics & Technology

Through the use of our advanced portfolio management technology, we are able to provide an financial analysis of a client’s current holdings and consider any investment improvements that can be made. In doing this, we first consider a client’s risk tolerance to better understand how a client should allocate their investments. Often, the client’s risk tolerance levels do not match their current investment portfolio which can lead to an investor making poor decisions with their investments. For instance, if a client is invested too heavily in volatile holdings such as international equities, they may be startled by unstable markets and unnecessarily liquidate their investments. By utilizing our advanced portfolio management software and analytics, we aim to make better recommendations towards a client’s portfolio allocation so that they are comfortable in any market environment.

Investment Basics

Sentinel Wealth Management aims to provide exceptional investment advice to clients of all walks of life. We do not have a minimum account balance nor minimum net worth requirement for clients wishing to work with us. As fiduciary investment advisors, we strive to provide advice that puts a client’s best interests first, regardless of their net worth. Through the use of our streamlined portfolio management technology, we are able to provide institutional level portfolio management services, but at a cost that is much lower than the industry average. When investing with Sentinel Wealth Management, you can expect to receive the latest financial planning technology available. Your internal and external accounts, whether it be an outside brokerage or bank account, or even a loan balance, can be aggregated seamlessly onto our platform. This way the balance of your assets and liabilities can be viewed together at any time, providing a snapshot of your net worth that is only a click away

Goal Planning

Whether it be saving for a house, retirement planning, education planning, or any other significant savings goal, our advisors can provide fiduciary investment advice that aims to reach whatever financial goal that you may have. When first meeting with an advisor at Sentinel Financial, you will receive an in-depth analysis of your current situation, and what your future financial objectives are. From there, we will construct a financial plan that will encompass your unique circumstances, as well as incorporate investment advising that addresses your goals objectively. This may mean recommending a more conservative portfolio for financial goals that are more short-term, despite a more aggressive risk profile. Conversely, it may mean recommending a more aggressive portfolio for financial objectives with longer time horizons.

Our advisors go to great lengths to assure that we understand our client’s future goals, and that our clients understand their portfolios. We feel that if a client is provided investment advice that matches their expectations, their goals can be achieved with greater success.

Tax Strategies

401(k), 529, 403(b), SEP IRA, ROTH IRA; the list of different tax-advantage accounts may seem endless and even daunting. When working with Sentinel Financial Advisors, your unique financial circumstances will be considered to provide investment advice that aims to reduce your tax burden upon liquidation or withdrawal of the asset.

In addition to considering the different types of legal accounts that can be used to achieve your goals, certain investments and tax strategies can be implemented to potentially reduce your tax burden. Investments into federally tax-free assets such as municipal bonds, can provide higher after-tax returns than other non-tax advantaged investments. To provide another level of tax-efficiency, our investment management platform utilizes a range of financial technologies to provide our clients with tax-coordinated portfolios, realizing potential tax-loss harvesting opportunities when available.

Socially Responsible Investing

As financial advisors, we understand the concerns of clients who wish to allocate their assets towards progressive companies that are deemed to have a positive social impact. These companies may foster environmentally sustainable practices, or place an emphasis on inclusive workplaces and programs. With Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), our clients can reduce their exposure to companies that have a negative social impact, like those who profit from poor labor standards or environmental degradation, and instead investing more heavily in those who have a positive social impact.

With our SRI strategies, our clients can receive the same diversification against risk, but rest easy knowing their investment is doing more than meeting their financial goals. With SRI, we maintain core principles of cost, diversification, and efficiency, but provide our clients with an ethical alternative to their investment decisions.