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Investment Management Single Rate Fee Schedule:

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Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning will be provided at no additional cost to Investment Management Clients with assets under management of at least $150,000*. The client will still sign a separate financial planning agreement.

*The client will be billed on a prorated monthly basis, paid quarterly, in arrears, for Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning if assets under management are less than $150,000, calculated by the market value of assets under management on the last business day of that quarter. Any investment management fees paid by the client during that quarter will be included in the fixed monthly financial planning fee.

Investment Management Pricing

One Rate for All Assets - Our asset management fee schedule is simple, you will be charged a single rate for all assets managed by our firm. No additional commissions, sales charges, or surrender charges will ever apply.

For example: If Sentinel Wealth Management managed client assets of $2.5 million, they would be charged 0.80% annually (0.20% per quarter) on all assets managed by the firm. Once the client reached a managed account balance of $3,000,000, their fee would be immediately reduced to 0.70% per year (0.175% per quarter).


Investment Management Services Include

  • Personalized Investment Policy Statement

  • Institutional Money Management Access

  • Asset Allocation Implementation

  • Automatic Portfolio Rebalancing

  • Tax Efficient Optimization for taxable accounts

  • Portfolio Progress Tracking & Performance Reporting

  • Continued Monitoring & Semiannual Reviews*


*May be quarterly or annual upon client request

Financial Planning Pricing

In order to maintain exceptional fiduciary services to clients without implementing a minimum net-worth requirement, we implement a standard planning fee of $1,500. This fee may be subject to increase on a case-to-case basis for those with exceptional financial planning service needs. Clients with managed account balances of over $150,000 will receive standard planning services at no additional cost.

For clients without managed accounts or those with less than $150,000 managed account balances, a monthly rate will be applied depending on the level of planning services required.