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Investment Management Single Rate Fee Schedule:

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Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning will be provided at no additional cost to Investment Management Clients with assets under management of at least $300,000*. The client will still sign a separate financial planning agreement..

Investment Management Pricing

One Rate for All Assets - Our asset management fee schedule is simple, you will be charged a single rate for all assets managed by our firm. No additional commissions, sales charges, or surrender charges will ever apply.

For example: If Sentinel Wealth Management managed client assets of $2.5 million, they would be charged 0.80% annually (0.20% per quarter) on all assets managed by the firm. Once the client reached a managed account balance of $3,000,000, their fee would be immediately reduced to 0.70% per year (0.175% per quarter).


Investment Management Services Include

  • Personalized Investment Policy Statement

  • Institutional Money Management Access

  • Asset Allocation Implementation

  • Automatic Portfolio Rebalancing

  • Tax Efficient Optimization for taxable accounts

  • Portfolio Progress Tracking & Performance Reporting

  • Continued Monitoring & Semiannual Reviews*


*May be quarterly or annual upon client request

Financial Planning Pricing

In order to maintain exceptional fiduciary services to clients without implementing a minimum net-worth requirement, we implement a standard planning fee of $1,500. This fee may be subject to increase on a case-to-case basis for those with exceptional financial planning service needs. Clients with managed account balances of over $300,000 will receive standard planning services at no additional cost.

For clients without managed accounts or those with less than $300,000 in managed account balances, a monthly rate may be applied depending on the level of planning services required.