Navigating retirement planning strategies can be an overwhelming experience for many pre-retirees. From understanding the different characteristics of retirement accounts to knowing the best age to take social security, many individuals may struggle to make the right decisions for their retirement. At Sentinel Financial Advisors, we strive to understand your unique circumstances, and to provide retirement advice and recommendations that make these long-term decisions easy and comfortable. As independent investment advisors and insurance agents, our planners take into account thousands of investment strategies and insurance products that aim to create a retirement plans that are comprehensive and well-rounded in terms of viability and protection. As fiduciaries, your needs are always placed first; our business operations remain transparent throughout the entire process.

Understanding Your Retirement Income Needs

Knowing exactly how much a retiree will need to save for retirement may seem like an impossible task, but with the proper planning tools and advice, you can rest assured that your retirement income will last a lifetime. By offering guaranteed products in conjunction with traditional investment management advice, our firm produces retirement plans that are dynamic and offer certain levels of volatility protection. The recommended allocation of an individual’s assets is unique to their circumstances and subjective risk tolerances. To learn more about the calculation of personal retirement income needs, you may be interested in this article.

Retirement Savings

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Building Your Nest Egg

Once an individual’s retirement income needs have been calculated, the next goal is to save, save, save. When working with our advisors, we’ll help map out a savings plan that works best for your retirement goals. We focus on creating and maintaining retirement plans that are comfortable for our clients, with your needs remaining paramount. As fiduciary advisors, we understand that one of the most significant factors to your savings success is the annual fee for our advice. As such, we aim to keep advisory fees for our services below 1%. This allows you as the investor to keep more, and thus, save more! To learn more about our investment advisory platform, you may peruse this article.


Planning For What Lies Ahead

Everyday we face risks, the possibility of illness, injury, financial losses, destruction of property, and one day- death. Though it isn’t possible to completely eliminate all risks, we can manage them through insurance and risk management. Our financial advisors work with clients to understand their feelings towards investment risks, and recommend strategies and insurance products to best fit a client’s needs. Many brokers or financial planners and advisors will frequently recommend insurance to clients, but will not have the licensing or capacity to offer them. Unfortunately, this leaves many individuals going without the needed insurance protection, exposing them to unnecessary risks. Sentinel Financial Advisors are licensed to recommend and broker life insurance and annuity products for our clients. This assures that any manageable financial risks are addressed and completely understood.


Risk Analysis

In the context of investing, risk describes the level of uncertainty of an investment’s returns. Typically, the more variable and unpredictable the return, the more an investor will be compensated for their investment over time. Conversely, the more predictable an investment’s return is, the lower the expected return of the investment will be. Through analysis of an individual’s unique situation, our advisors aim to create investment portfolios of diversified assets and insurance contracts that provide a return variability level that is most comfortable to you.

Remember: Always do your research on which investment strategies are right for you.

Remember: Always do your research on which investment strategies are right for you.

Risk Analysis with Riskalyze®

When first meeting with one of our advisors, you will receive a risk assessment that quantitatively pinpoints your risk preference. By doing this, we are able to recommend investment strategies that will meet your return expectations with a 95% probability range. This way you are able to move forward with your investments knowing that any negative or positive returns within a given range are normal, helping you stay the course. If you are interested in learning more or taking the risk tolerance analysis yourself, please click the link below.