Questions To Ask Before Risking Your Money In Variable Accounts:

  1. Do you want your "nest egg" based on IFcome (money that goes up and down in value) or INcome (money based on guaranteed protection of principle and growth)?
  2. Who has made more money off your retirement in the last 10 years, you or your broker?
  3. Does it bother you that brokers can make money off of you even when you are losing money?
  4. How does it make you feel not knowing if you will have more money in the future than you do today?
  5. Are you concerned about not knowing the amount of future lifetime income your money will provide?
  6. Would you look at your retirement money differently if it was a stack of $100 bills instead of a number on a piece of paper?
  7. How is investing in variable products different than gambling?
  8. Is potential of gains worth the risk of losing significant portions of your retirement money?
Keep your hard earned money safe from losses, fees, and inflation
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  • Guaranteed income value growth
  • Mail Box Money: Guaranteed income you can never outlive
  • Participation in some market gains but none of the losses
  • Sleep Insurance: Never worry about IFcome and always have INcome