Inclusivity Through Exclusivity

We believe in the concept of “exclusivity through inclusivity”. We are “inclusive”, in that we maintain a zero-minimum net worth policy, and do not reject those who have few or no assets to invest. We are “exclusive” in that we do not accept just any individual or company searching for fiduciary advice, but rather interview potential clients to identify which are best suited for our mathematics-based fiduciary advising. Rather than focus on the size of the client’s account (as most firms do) our client selection is based on personality and understanding of why certain recommendations would be made. The primary focus of our financial planning process is meeting the client’s needs, reaching goals, and finding the sweet spot between client emotions towards investment risk, and math-based investment or insurance recommendations.

NAPFA Fiduciary & CFP®


Ryan is a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor & CFP® , meaning he has met all necessary requirements to identify with the NAPFA & CFP organizations. This prestigious title is recognized by those in the industry as advisors who are professional, ethical, and place the greatest emphasis on client transparency.

Ryan is a fiduciary at all times for his clients. He takes a holistic approach to planning that takes into account all client considerations without conflicts of interest. All revenue generated from client-management is received in the form of predetermined fees by a percentage of assets under management or fixed rate pay. Regardless of what investment strategy or insurance product you may use, NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisors receive the same compensation as previously agreed upon by the client.

NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisors serve their clients, they do not sell investment or insurance products for a commission. In serving their clients, they are highly competent and have met more than a de minimis certification standard, offer well-rounded comprehensive advice, and operate on an objective Fee-Only basis. That means they do not sell financial products, their only purpose is to look out for their clients’ overall financial well-being.

Many NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisors refuse to consider the value of insurance and annuity contracts, often overlooking their risk-management purposes. Instead of blanket statements such as “I Hate Annuities & Insurance!”, or “Annuities Are the Only Way to Go!”, we look at them objectively, defining the calculable value, return, and purpose of each product to the client. This way, a comfortable decision can be made without the monetary consequence of a hefty broker commission.

CFP Board:

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, Ryan is an essential resource. From budgeting, planning for retirement, saving for education, to managing your taxes and insurance coverage, “finances” doesn’t mean just one thing for most Americans, just as “financial planning” means much more than just investing. Bringing all the pieces of your financial life together is a challenging task to say the least, but financial planners are here to do that. Further, though many professionals may call themselves “financial planners”, CFP® professionals have completed extensive training and experience requirements and are held at rigorous ethical standards. They understand the complexities of the changing financial climate and know how to make recommendations that place your best interest first.

Comprehensive, Commission-Free Investment & Insurance Advice

While seeking the advice of a fee-only advisor is critically important, at times it may work against the client when the fee-only advisor has adopted a model that focuses solely on gathering assets under management for the firm. A firm that does not provide insurance advice and only manages investments is inclined to disway the client from adopting needed insurance or annuity policies. This is because without a way to implement fee-only insurance products, the fee-only advisory firm can only be paid if it convinces clients to put the greatest amount of money within their platform so they may bill their percentage-based fee. An advisor with this model is doing their client a disservice, and endangering them to risks that are essential to cover. Holistic, comprehensive financial planning is advice that equally considers both aspects of planning, investment and insurance advice.

As previously noted, Sentinel Wealth Management is one of the few fee-only firms that offer annuities and insurance product implementation on a fee-only basis. The client’s funds that would have been lost to a large insurance agent’s commission are put directly back into the investment. This allows for even the industry’s best annuity and insurance products to be significantly outperformed by their commission-free counterparts. This is done through higher initial account values (without a reduction from front-end agent-commissions), lower annual fees, higher cap rates, higher participation rates, and larger downside buffers. In many cases, we can take the exact product of many top insurance carriers and implement them in a much more cost effective manner. The costs saved on a yearly basis make a massive difference in the performance of the product, especially over a 10-30 year period. Nonetheless, comprehensive advice that is in the best interest of the client will likely produce a better result for the client in the long-run.

Unbiased Investment & Insurance Analysis

Product & Strategy Audit: Sentinel performs an audit of investment and insurance strategies currently used. This provides a basis for Sentinel to intemently understand strategies, knowing when to recommend them for the needs of the client and their plan, aiming to implement the most effective strategies available to the industry.

Client Review (existing insurance & investment holdings): We work with clients to review existing assets and insurance coverage to explore whether client needs are being met in the most efficient way possible. When appropriate, we will provide multiple options to cover each goal or risk, which may improve client long-term outcomes.

Implementation: If the client decides the investment or commission-free insurance strategy is right for them, Sentinel processes the implementation of the recommendations for both investment and insurance.

Online Advisory Services

Sentinel Wealth Management offers investment and insurance advisory services at our physical office in San Diego, but also considers clients outside of our geographic location. Through the use of web-based meetings, Sentinel can provide the same excellent client-focused services to online-only clients.

Our platforms allow both local and online clients to log into our portfolio management or financial planning software from anywhere in the world. Here, all recommendations and aggregated account data can be found in one place. We strive to provide the exclusive opportunity for prospective clients to apply for our objective fiduciary advice, including clients of all walks of life and geographic locations.