Who We Work With

Our Clients:

At Sentinel Wealth Management, we pride ourselves in saying that we are “Exclusive Through Inclusivity.” We are exclusive in the sense we do not attempt to persuade or pressure sell individuals to become our clients, but rather only exclusively extend a client-offering to a specific type of individual. Our ideal client accepts mathematics as truth, and agrees to adhere to a policy of long-term education over sales misconceptions.

Further, we place emphasis on being inclusive to potential clients of all walks of life. We do not exclude clients with little to no assets, and believe all individuals deserve a proper financial education and plan. Financial freedom should not be a privilege to the super rich, so we exclusively include individuals of levels of wealth. Whether you are a business owner, wealthy individual, or financially struggling family, we are here to help. You can expect the same objective, calculation-based advice regardless of your net worth.

To reiterate, we do not maintain a minimum net worth for any individual or business. Nor do we exclude clients that are not within our immediate geographic area. Thanks to web-based meetings and planning software, we can provide the same comprehensive fee-only advising to individuals from around the country.

Other Professionals:

Investment Professionals: We work with a number of institutional-level investment firms to implement investment management models for managing assets to aid our clients in reaching their financial goals.

Insurance Agents: Insurance agents often need aid in implementing investment goal-planning and producing comprehensive financial plans. By working with Sentinel, insurance agents can add value to their client experience by introducing our transparent and efficient strategies to their book of business.

CPAs & Enrolled Agents: Tax planning goes hand-in-hand with financial planning. With our commission-free insurance products and efficient planning strategies, CPAs can rest assured that we have the capacity to implement any advanced tax-planning strategy on behalf of their clients.

Estate Planning Attorneys: When implementing plan recommendations, we will often call upon an estate planning attorney to implement trusts, wills, or other legal documents. As we have the capacity to implement advanced, commission-free insurance trust-owned products, this can be a mutually valuable relationship for Sentinel and estate planning attorneys.

Other Advisors: Curious about becoming a representative? We extend our model of transparent, client-focused advising to highly qualified investment advisor representatives. Contact us for further information.